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TabooHeat – Cory Chase & London River – The New Boss


Scene One
London’s husband just died, and now she is left with her son, Johnny. Johnny casually mentions to her that she will have to let him fuck her ass sometime soon, if she wants to continue to live in the house that he inherited from his dad! Before London can figure out what to do, they hear a knock at the door. In walks Luke and Cory. London’s husband was Luke’s boss, and he was secretly fucking Cory and giving Luke occasional raises in exchange for fucking his wife. Johnny tells Cory how he is going to have to fuck her ass now too, since his dad is now gone. London and Luke leave the room, and Cory stays with Johnny. “Shall I undress for you?” she asks. She gets down on her knees and starts to give him a blowjob. Then she stands up and gets in to the doggy style position on the couch. He goes straight to fucking her ass hole! “That’s a really nice pussy but today I just want that ass!” he exclaims. She tells him that he can continue to fuck her ass hole as often as he wants, as long as her husband can continue to keep his job! He keeps fucking her ass hole until he cums deep inside her ass. He shoves his cock in her mouth afterwards, so she can taste her own ass…

Scene Two
Luke walks upstairs to see how London is doing after the passing of her husband. She confides in Luke and tells him how her son is going to make her do anal with him, and she doesn’t think he will be gentle! She’s never tried anal before, so she asks Luke to please help her practice getting fucked in the ass. Especially since Luke’s wife is downstairs fucking her son right now! Luke fucks her pussy for a minute before switching over to her ass hole. “You’re taking it like a champ!” he exclaims. He keeps fucking her ass until she has her first anal orgasm! Then he switches back and forth between her pussy and ass hole. She keeps thanking him for helping her get used to anal sex! She flips over in to the doggy style position next and he fucks her ass from behind. “Cum in my ass please!” she begs. He cums in her ass while her son is still fucking Luke’s wife downstairs…

Scene Three
London is ready for her first day of work, where her son is her boss! Cory walks in to London’s office and explains to her the rules of the office. “You have to call Johnny ‘Master’ from now on, both at the office and at home,” Cory tells London. Johnny walks in to the office and tells both Cory and London to unbutton their blouses. “I’m feeling horny this morning. London, why don’t I give you your first task? Get up on the desk for me please…” he instructs. Cory offers to fluff him first; She gets down on her knees and she sucks his cock until he’s hard. He decides to fuck London’s ass hole today. Cory offers to take London’s bra off so Master can see her big, beautiful tits bouncing up and down as he fucks her ass. “Feed me her titties!” he tells Cory. Cory grabs London’s tit and puts it in Johnny’s mouth for him. London can’t stop moaning from pleasure, and she cums twice in a row while he is fucking her ass. London flips over in to the doggy style position, leaning against the desk. Cory lies down on the desk so London can eat her pussy while Johnny fucks her ass from behind. When he gets close to cumming, London and Cory get down on their knees and give him a double blowjob until he cums on their faces and in their mouths. Some cum squirts on to their tits, and he tells them to lick the cum off of their tits… “Now get back to work!” he demands

Scene Four
Cory has London tied up on the couch. She calls Master and begs him to come over with her husband, so they can have some fun with London. Luke and Johnny walk in a few minutes later. “Why is the boss’s wife tied up?” Luke asks. “I thought you guys could have some fun!” Cory tells them. Luke and Johnny both take out their cocks and get on each side of London, while she is tied up in the doggy style position. Luke shoves his cock in her mouth while Johnny fucks her from behind. They flip London over on to her back and Luke starts to fuck her pussy while she sucks Johnny’s cock. They take turns fucking London while her hands remain tied up. Cory decides to join in, so she sits on London’s face while Luke is fucking London. Then Cory starts sucking Johnny’s cock at the same time. Luke fucks London’s ass and pussy in no particular order, while Johnny fucks Cory’s pussy next to them. Luke and Johnny both jerk their cocks off on to London and Cory’s faces. “You both are officially dirty little cum sluts!” Master Johnny says.

Date: June 15, 2021

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