TabooHeat – Amiee Cambridge, Cory Chase – Hot New Step Mom Vol. 2 / Parts 1-3

Watch online Amiee Cambridge, Cory Chase hot new step mom vol. 2 / parts 1-3 full hd free video.

Step Mom Caught Me Masturbating To Her Step Sis
I found a video of my step-mom and her step-sister eating each other pussy’s out and I can’t believe my own eyes! I press ‘play’ on the video and I start to jerk my cock off while watching this hot video. All of a sudden, my step-mom walks in to the room and she starts to freak out on me! “Luke! Why are you watching that on my phone?! And why are you touching your cock?!” she yells at me. My step-mom sits down on her bed and she spreads her legs in front of me. She is completely naked, as she calls her step-sister, Cory, on the phone. “Guess what I just found your nephew doing?!” she says in to the phone. My step-mom starts to tell my aunt about how she just caught me jerking off to their porn video that they made! I hop on to the bed and I shove my cock in to her pussy while she is talking to my aunt Cory on the phone. “Can you come over in an hour so we can both talk to Luke about this?” she asks my aunt. She hangs up the phone and I keep fucking my step-mom’s pussy in the missionary position. Her big tits bounce up and down as I fuck her pussy. I flip her over in to the doggy style position and I fuck my step-mom’s pussy from behind. “That’s a good boy,” she moans. I fuck her pussy until I cum inside of her. Then she reminds me that I am going to have a conversation later with her and my aunt about what she caught me doing earlier. I hope I don’t get punished for that…

Plotting a Threesome
My aunt Cory just got to our house, since my step-mom wanted to talk to her. My aunt is wearing a pink dress as she sits down on the couch next to my step-mom who is wearing nothing but a bath robe. They start to discuss how my step-mom caught me jerking off to a video of the two of them earlier today. My step-mom just can’t seem to keep her hands off of my aunt though, as she starts to kiss my aunt’s neck. Before they know it, they are both completely naked and all over each other! Cory moves her head down to her step-sister’s pussy and she starts to lick and suck on my step-mom’s clit. My step-mom is loving every second of getting her pussy eaten out. “Your pussy is so wet!” Cory tells my step-mom. My step-mom cums hard, and then she goes down to eat my aunt’s pussy out next. My aunt starts to moan as my step-mom licks and sucks on her clit. My step-mom gets my aunt to cum in her mouth and then she leans up to kiss her on the mouth. They start to scissor each other to make each other cum one more time! When they are both finally satisfied, my step-mom calls out “Luke! Your aunt is here! It’s time to talk!”

Free-Use Family
“You wanted to see me,” I say, as I walk in to my step-mom’s bedroom. My aunt and my step-mom are sitting next to each other on my step-mom’s bed. They are both wearing bath robe’s but their robes are open, completely exposing their naked bodies to me. My step-mom and I finally confess to my aunt that I have secretly been fucking my step-mom lately. They start to suggest to me how I should join the two of them for a threesome… but ONLY if I keep my mouth shut! They tell me that I am never allowed to tell my friend’s or my step-father about this! I agree to their rules, and I pull my hard cock out of my pants. My aunt starts to suck my hard cock while my step-mom starts to kiss my aunt’s ass. My aunt lies down on her back and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position first. I flip my aunt over in to the doggy style position so I can fuck her pussy from behind. My aunt starts to eat my step-mom’s pussy out while I fuck her! It is my turn to fuck my step-mom’s pussy next, so I start to fuck my step-mom in the missionary position while my aunt licks her nipples. My step-mom starts to moan loud as she cums all over my cock! I tell my aunt and my step-mom to both get in the doggy style position. I fuck my step-mom’s pussy from behind while she kisses my aunt. I move over to my aunt and I fuck my aunt’s pussy from behind next! Then, my aunt lies down on top of my step-mom, so I am able to go back and forth between fucking both of their pussy’s. I keep fucking both of their pussy’s, until I get close to cumming. I pull my cock out of my step-mom’s pussy and I jerk my cock off in to my step-mom’s mouth . My step-mom kisses my aunt so the two of them can both taste my cum!


Date: November 29, 2020

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