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Manyvids – Jodi West sharing a hotel room with my stepson


After staying at the hotel for the night, mother and son are sadly forced to share a double family bed due to lack of other options. Annoyed and tired, they only dream that this unfortunate night would fly by as soon as possible for each of them. Overcrowded accumulated during the day, a negative charge, huddled in a cramped bed, mother and son are trying to drive all the disturbing dirty thoughts from their heads in order to finally get their proper sleep.

Dangerous proximity of two vibrating bodies, brings tension in an uncomfortable bed until critical. Trying to find a comfortable position in bed, each of the guests of the room, as much as possible repels the long-awaited peace with his nervous movements. Feeling the main responsibility in the current situation on herself, the mother, as an experienced housewife, is forced to forget about the night’s rest, until in a dark room with her son complete relaxation and pacification comes, as in any exemplary family.

Date: July 29, 2020
StepMom: Jodi West

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