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hotmilfsfuck – SLOAN RIDER


Meet Sloan Rider everyone and if you like your MILF’s horny, I mean really FUCKING HORNY, then Sloan Ride-Her is the girl to give you some giddy up in your step. Actually Sloan’s no one horse pony show, but a fucking stable of 1000 stallions pounding their hoof’s on the ground, gnawing at the corral, chomping at the bit to break down whatever barriers she needs to and stampede all over Jake Adam’s waiting ass I’m telling you. We haven’t met too many women with the sexual appetite that Sloan’s brought to the feeding trough, but when asked how many guys she’s fucked her reply was, “Yesterday?” (Scratched record sound) Yeah, I had to do a double take as well but we clarified that we wanted her total body count and get ready for the next scratched record sound.

“Well I’ve been divorced for a year and in the last year about 1000 (Scratched record sound). Wait honey… That’s like 3 a day. “Or 20 at one time,” Sloan clarified. (Scratched record sound) We can now see why you and your husband are in the lifestyle and he lets you get gangbanged by as many faceless cocks as your sweet aged orifices can handle; and according to Sloan herself. Her orifices… They can handle a lot. All at one time a lot, a lot. She’s an admitted cum dumpster and proud of it! Giddy up, lets go Ride-Her everyone shall we and off Jake Adams goes hopefully to return in one piece because Sloan is hungry. Hungry for cock, her own pussy juices, Jake’s asshole, the magic wand, yep!

Just about anything attached to a human body or electrical device this MILF wants it used as a phallic symbol and or shoved up her it seems. And she can’t wait to get going as Jake asks more question while she fingers herself and taste the Mrs. Ride-Her’s juices in a very seductive manner. In a manner that suggests she has no fucking clue what awaits her and her aged orifices. It’s also becoming apparent as Sloan talks, that she’s under estimating our resident Stallion/Stud Jake and thinks she’ll teach little old Jakey a few things or two today. “What positions do you like Jake?” She asks. “Oh I’m boring, I like missionary best,” Jake says with a confident smirk.

“The kiddie rides are over here Jakey,” is probably what’s going threw her mind. But what Sloan doesn’t know is Jake’s a wolf in little bow peep’s clothing and once he’s let loose to run, this stallion ain’t stopping for nothing and you better have your saddle on tight missy because you might get bucked off this horsey ride. And when all the dust settles and Mrs. Ride-Her gathers herself to see if she’s lost any valuables on the Jake Adam’s Bucking Bronco Show. She finally does admit she’d be worn out if she had a 1000 Jake’s to ride at once. But Sloan likey a lot she said. So you get the picture and you’re probably getting tired of reading this horse shit so without further ado. Here’s Sloan. Watch Jake Ride Her! Steve

Date: April 26, 2021
StepMom: Sloan Rider

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