Fuck a sexy single MOM!

hotmilfsfuck – Sabrina Dior


Hello everyone and welcome to the launch of HMF and our inaugural scenes. If you’re familiar with ExCoGi then you’ll feel right at home because this series is the same premise only with milfs. My father said, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” So that’s what we’re doing and today I am pleased to introduce Sabrina Dior to all of you. This hot as fuck milf’s a super sexy ex-office manager who currently moonlights as an exotic dancer to pay the bills and I can see why.

Sabrina’s got the best fucking body I’ve seen out of all the milfs we’ve shot to date and Jake couldn’t wait to get his hands on this newbie. Seeing that this was shot during quarantine and the strip clubs aren’t open all the time up North, Sabrina admits to, “it either escorting or this” and we’re glad she chose the latter. It’s safer too honey. So Sabrina’s a little shy, as most of our newbie’s are, but once Jake gets past the usual questions in the car and his hands start wondering, all the first-time gitters just seem to fade away. It’s amazing how stripper’s clothes have muscle memory and just slide right off if there’s promised money as an end game.

Love it and Sabrina’s the type of girl we all love and want to see naked. Again if you want to know more about what kind of guys Sabrina dates, or who was the last guy, or girl, she fucked by all means watch the intro car pickup. But if want 90 mins of hot as fuck sex, get to watching. In Sabrina’s own words, “Best airport pickup EVER!” and we couldn’t agree more. Did I say already Sabrina’s body is hot as fuck? Well if I didn’t it is so enjoy everybody and thank you all for you patience. Good things cum to those who wait, and the wait is over!

Date: March 26, 2021

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